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DISCLAIMER: This blog is my opinion. I'm not saying everything I say is true but I'm not making anything up. I pride myself on using facts, evidence, sources, and deductive reasoning. I'm not an inside source but I was not born yesterday. I use Emma's words showing her inconsistencies with what she says versus what she does. Everything she says is actually the opposite of who she is when you pay attention to what she actually does. She preaches about being honest and true to yourself when she isn't. She claims virtues and convictions she doesn't adhere to. She constantly portrays a false sense of modesty, morality and ethics that she never follows. It's not her actions that bother me. She can smoke crack for all I care. It's all her deceptions that built up her fake persona she gets lauded for. She is more of a brand than being the genuine article. Emma is a prettily weaved illusion designed to trick you. She is a celebrity (they get so much attention in society) and she is pretty (beauty culture obsession), and these days that’s as good as being a god (celebrity worship syndrome). This blog was not created to point out what an awful human being she is. I don't believe she's a horrible person but when it comes to a stereotyped fake celebrity she fits the mold perfectly. This blog was created as a push back to the mindless adoration and to point out what others refuse or fail to do. I don’t know Emma the private person but what I do know is Emma the public person (celebrity) is full of contradiction, hypocrisy and deceptions. Her entire public persona is built on being the anti-celebrity but in reality she's ever bit of the fame hungry attention seeker she claims not to be. Celebrities should be looked at as products. They're trying to sell us (the consumers) something by using the same marketing ploys we see in ads every day. They make millions doing this. We have every right as consumers to call bullshit when the product does not work as advertised. Celebrities made a choice to be public figures and can walk away if they wish, so anything they put out there is up for debate.

QUOTES OF EMMA'S TO REMEMBER: "There seems to be this feeling that all of us were bursting to break out of these images we had created but that’s never been the case (2009)." and "I do not think I "ought" to be a model of reference for my fame. But I want to do something good by using my public image and reputation (2009)." and "Actually, I'm quite shy, I've never liked attention and money. I feel myself a little bit like Finding Nemo's Dory. I just keep swimming and don't turn around to watch the mess (2010)." and "I think you should be yourself because otherwise, you'll be on the wrong path and the results are not gonna be pretty (2010)." and " It's very weird. I have to kind of like switch heads. Sometimes I manage it seamlessly, and other times I feel rather all over the place. I explained to a friend that sometimes I feel a bit schizophrenic, like I have a split personality (2010)." and "In terms of a role model the cleanest way to live as a human and artist to be true to yourself (2011)." and "Never have something to hide or lose (2011)." and "Fame was never something I ever aspired to and it's not something I aspire to now really (2011)." NEW ONES (I find these new ones peculiar because I've said she's fake and a brand repeatedly since February 2011: Is she trying to come clean?): "Let’s say there’s a side of me, the one represented in the media, that does not match who I really am in private life. (2012)." and "It kind of does feel that way [like I am a brand]. That’s just something I’ve come to realize, that there’s a public persona (2013)." and "When you’re playing someone else and you’re playing a public persona for the media, you almost lose your own identity and who you are." and "I try my best to be as authentic as I can. I try to be real, but I also understand there’s a distinction between the me that walks red carpets, and the me that is just myself, at home (2013)." and "Similar to you, I used to try to hide what I was doing, and I would end up in these awkward positions where I would have to go and do something [for work] but I would say I was doing something else. I would try to hide that I had a car picking me up—I would hide the car around the corner so that people would think I was walking. All of these elaborate kinds of schemes to pretend I was like everyone else (2013).”

ONE MORE EMMA QUOTE TO CONSIDER from an interview in 2009, "Did you ever steal any of the props? “Yes, I did. We were doing a scene in Gringotts and there was all of this plastic gold that’s in there, but Dan, Rupert and I spent like the whole week smuggling it out for crew members who wanted souvenirs. They weren’t giving any of it away, so we nicked it. We were actually competing in the end and I got really good at it. I looked like the innocent one, so they nobody really noticed me, but they checked the boys. So I think I got about four or five pieces out. That was funny.” And that's the just of it. Emma looks to innocent to be anything other than what she makes herself up to be. It makes doing this blog rather difficult at times because people do not want to believe Emma is anything but honest. There is also the issue of Emma stating for years she is just like the fictional character Hermione. People get confused between Emma the actress and Hermione the make believe character she was portraying. They are nothing alike.

OTHER QUOTES: "The great thing about Emma is that she's a chameleon that can communicate anything you ask." - Mario Testino. "Any actor who tells you that they have become the people they play, unless they’re clearly diagnosed as a schizophrenic, is bullshitting you.” - Gary Oldman. "The image is one thing and the human being is another...It's very hard to live up to an image, put it that way." - Elvis Presley. "It is much easier to be honest than to be caught up in a bunch of lies. At least this way, you know who you are." - Mila Kunis

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March 23, 2014

Emma Watson has stalkers and a bodyguard

From dailymail.co.uk March 2014, "Harry Potter star Emma Watson has hired a former NYPD officer as  a bodyguard to protect her from obsessed stalkers. The actress – thought to be worth £23  million – is believed to be paying the female officer £90,000 a year after a number of incidents of threatening behaviour towards her. The latest came as Emma, 23, right, was working on her new movie Noah, when an over-zealous ‘fan’ duped studio security staff and got on to the set. Emma, was left screaming, believing she was in danger, and filming had to stop.

The British actress, who played Hermione Granger in the Potter films, is now constantly shadowed by blonde former New York Police Department officer Denise Morrone. A source said: ‘The  one person Emma is never without is Denise. 'Emma has had problems with stalkers in the past and, because of her wealth, there is always the threat of kidnap. 'She pays for her bodyguard out of her own pocket and Denise accompanies her everywhere, even when Emma is out for dinner. Denise is always there, making sure she is safe.’ Another source said: ‘Denise is on high alert for one particular stalker who tracked Emma down on the set of her latest film. She is very discreet and very good at her job. She is always there looking after Emma, but you wouldn’t know. ‘She makes sure Emma has plenty of space and freedom. If they are at dinner, Denise is part of the gathering, but is always on duty.’

The new arrangement marks a departure for Emma, who has seemed determined to try to live a low-key, normal private life unencumbered by a security detail. Post-Potter she went to Brown University in Rhode Island, New England, and Worcester College, Oxford, to study for a degree. When she has appeared in public she has had no visible entourage. A spokesman for Miss Watson, who has homes in  London and New York, declined to comment."

^That's what the dailymail says but here below is what Emma said at the time.

From fansshare.com October 2012, "There was a lot of fuss made recently about the fact that a man who has been stalking Emma Watson managed to get onto her set before being chased off into the woods. It was claimed that Emma was terrified by the incident and feared for her safety.  However, it appears that the claims were not true, as Emma has spoken out about the “incident” stating that nothing of the sort happened. Emma felt that she needed to let everybody know what’s what and hoped to clear up any confusion about the stalker situation. Watson took to her official Twitter account to say, “Ok. Few things to clear up. I was not terrified by a stalker in the woods. And he was not fought off by martial arts experts.#whowrotethisstory”.

I don't get this DM article because Emma has had this bodyguard for ten years. I think this might be a great big dose of media sensationalism or maybe a planted story so everyone will go, "Aww poor Emma" because she has said some really dumb things lately.

I've seen photos of Denise (the older blonde lady we always see her with) with Emma as far back as 2005

Here they are outside the Regis and Kelly show (USA) in 2005 and to the right currently in 2014


Denise: “No, Emma, I told you: no alcohol befor the premiere….” Emma: “Damn old bitch……”

pfff hahaha

^She still looks 15 doesn't she?

I've seen one or two candids of Denise with Emma at Brown. I've read an article from a Brown website (thank anonymous for tipping me off) where they were talking about her bodyguards on campus that followed her around.

Here's Emma, some guy and Denise at Brown in the fall of 2010 (I can't find the others)

Here she is talking about stalkers in her GQ interview from last year

From gq-magazine.co.uk May 2013, "Did you have stalkers? 'Yes. I do have people who show up from time to time in different parts of the world. I've never really known how to respond; I've never really known if I should be afraid or not. This is how I put it into perspective: thousands of women all over the world have to deal with feeling afraid when they walk home from the Tube, on their way to work, when they go out for a drink. Feeling not safe isn't something that is singular to me or my experience as a woman, and I don't think any of these people mean me any harm. They just tend to be people caught up, who don't really realise what they are doing, and I think it is very important that I don't allow it to isolate me further, to be another reason why I shouldn't go out and meet people or walk down the street. Weird guys sometimes take it too far, and that is it. I just keep a friend with me. I don't have a full-time security guard or anything like that. Even at university I went everywhere completely alone, which looking back was probably a pretty ambitious thing that I tried to do there, but somehow I got away with it. There were times when I did feel stressed and anxious and could probably have done with a bit more support. At the same time I would rather make my own mistakes and learn what I need. I think it is so easy when you get famous to just disengage from having a life and that can make some things really dangerous.'"

Remember she told rookie magazine she used to lie about walking to places but had a car waiting for her? She was trying to make it seem she has this normal life. I reckon this could be another little white lie about not having a full-time guard because we've seen Denise with her for years. She's the woman that pushes people away and pulls her from signing autographs and even refuses people.

How about other instances like Glastonbury where that big muscular man tailed her everywhere. At airports when Denise is not there she has men which looks to be bodyguards to me. When she went to the Box Night Club she had a bodyguard. They're rare shots because most candids are just of Emma and Denise or Emma and a friend or boyfriend. You really think Emma travels alone?

For example

Last photo from 2011: Check this out and seethe altercation

You rarely catch her bodyguards photographed other than Denise who looks more than just a bodyguard. I think she's more like a bodyguard/assistant. I bet they are always around but you wouldn't know it. I'd go as far as saying they probably follow her from a distance to make it seem like she's really by herself.

Here's something she said in 2009 and it was really stupid

From wonderwall.msn.com July 2009 (interview with Dan, Rupert and Emma. she started brown in Sept 09) In this film, Ron has sort of a stalker girlfriend. Has it ever gotten strange where you're dating people who are more interested in dating Harry, Ron or Hermione rather than yourselves? Emma Watson: "I'm dating my stalker, actually."

It's dumb to even give a stalker the time or day in a magazine discussing them. It will probably embolden them by fueling whatever twisted fantasies they have in their head. If it were me I would not even mention it.

In 2010 she said this

From digitalspy.com November 2010, "Emma Watson has revealed that she and her Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint used to hide from their security guards. The actress admitted that she "hates" having bodyguards and prefers to deal with the attention she receives on her own. Watson explained: "I hate having bodyguards and when we were younger, Dan, Rupert and I used to try to hide from the people trying to keep an eye on us." The 20-year-old went on to say that she now feels comfortable traveling on public transport by herself. She added: "Now it's like, 'Really, I'm fine'. I take the train and the bus and, if I don't dress up too much, I'm usually fine. Occasionally people stop me but I'd rather deal with that than not go out at all. That'd be really tragic."

In her most recent interview for Elle she said this

From snitchseeker.com March 2014, “So while Radcliffe reportedly rarely leaves his house without a bodyguard, Watson memorably began her college career by moving into the freshman dorm-the very definition of exposed. She lopped off her hair, appeared in a student production of Chekhov. There were moment, she says, when she thought, “I don’t know if I can do this. Or if this is sensible anymore.” But she held firm, turning down high-profile work that would interfere with her studies. “I just don’t want a life where I can’t have a life, “she says. “And so I’ve been just unbelievably stubborn about it.”

^Peculiar and then this article comes out about her hired bodyguard. Could it have been Radcliffe's people saying, "Hey, wait a minute" and then ratted Emma out?

That last quote, the newer one, is of course a total contradiction from what she said about Brown before. I don't know it's that's the truth or this is some rouse to plant the idea she was heckled out of college life. I don't know but one thing is for sure I don't believe most of what comes out of this girls mouth. I'm like those towns people that had it with the games of the little boy that cried wolf.

As for the stalking it's the only thing I'll give her sympathy for. I think it would suck. If it's an over zealous stan or a weirdo I don't think it's cool. If you like or even dislike her there are still lines you should never cross and that includes invading her space. She's just one fake ass actress that lives in her own head that plays make believe and makes millions off it. Then of course she complains about it and manipulates the media and her fan base to cover up "the real Emma Watson". She's a prettily weaved illusion designed to trick you. There is no such thing as the perfect person and just because she is pretty it does not make her perfect girlfriend material. Stans and weirdos please understand this.

Check out this post I did


Anonymous said...

She can always quit her job and retire from the spotlight

Anonymous said...

Didn't she hang out with her buddy Rafael at Brown? That guy from the Spanish rock group? I forget the name.

Jonny Carinthia said...

Well, you can blame Emma for many things, but not for the brainless editors of DM. I think, there is a order hanging out at DM -headquarters, telling the editors that there have to be at least two Emma stories in a week. And what do you write when Ms. Wonderful does nothing worth writing about? Go into the archive, find something stupid and write about it. I mean, she denied herself that there was a stalker on set. What more can you expect?

And for the bodyguards? Well, reading some of the "hate-comments" here and on another blog I could imagine that some of her fans are really, uhm, interesting people with, uhm, more interesting ideas. And I think, that Ms. Watson has also the right to live a safe life. So if she feels more safe with a bodyguard, why not. On the other hand: I think there is still only Denise. Remember the pic of the guy at LA who jumped to her for a pic? If there would be a bodyguard in attandance, we would have seen some nice pics of a guy on the floor.....

Denise is a sort of mother-substitute with much influence and rights. Remember how she talked to Emma in Berlin at the hotel? I mean, no "simple" employee could talk to the "boss" in that way (look at the body-language; she was definitly reprimanding her!).

For me this is a part of Emmas life I will not blame her for. Its the price you pay for beeing rich and famous.

Anonymous said...

emma did say she had no protection even though she's had denise for years. the big man from that music festival and whatever airport that is cant be coincidence. what about the berlin hotel?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful women could rip your heart out and people will forgive them

I get what you're doing but it's not going to change anything

Anonymous said...

most of the guys in the pictures are not her bodyguards. the guy at Glastonbury is. the guy at The Box for example is the banker husband of her friend Caroline, Fritz Von Westenholz. you should check your articles before you post them. or you did but you wanted to plant a story about her that fits your agenda.

you can not blame someone for being in danger because of nutters.

Echee said...

Thanks anonymous person that comes here to tell me I'm wrong about 2 out of the 4 guys. well fritz was sure acting like a bodyguard now wasn't he? And how am I supposed to know who the guy is and who the other lady is? I never seen them before. As for the other guys I'm confident he is another bodyguard so I was wrong about one. But still my point is made or proof is given she does go out with bodyguards unlike what she said. Denise is proof of that alone.

Guardian of Truth said...

If you dont know who they are why are you still including them? you are pushing an agenda and dont care about the facts.
the guy at the airport is another passenger, if you see the video you see he is not connected to emma, she is there with her usual security lady.

that a celeb doesnt give away their security details is obvious. wouldnt be so smart would it? the Dailymail publishing her full name is dangerous and wrong.

you got caught using deception. 'spend time with your enemy and you will become just like them'

emma didnt tell the truth about her security because it would put her into danger. you on the other hand inculded pictures of people you have no idea about what they are doing to fit your agenda. that is deception!
you cant just write that someone is something when you actually have no clue about it.

Ps: find an actual point against me and dont use that "stan" strawman you build up everytime you get caught.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail says: "Emma Watson hires £90,000 bodyguard as stalkers spark safety fears"

Then Echee says: "I don't get this DM article because Emma has had this bodyguard for ten years. I think this might be a great big dose of media sensationalism or maybe a planted story ...."

This article by the DM is a poorly researched, piece of shit article that has no meaning whatsoever. Jonny Carinthia is right, they needed to say something because Emma is in a new movie, so they fabricated an article.

There is nothing new here!

As we all know Denise has been with Emma for a really long time. She is a body guard/personnal assistant/travel companion/and maybe surrogate mother.

This is not a PR stunt by Emma's people ("planted story") and should just be ignored by everyone including Echee.

The article by the DM is crap and is not worthy of a post!

It epitomizes the pathetic standards of journalism that can be found on the Internet today (like naked Emma jumping over a fence in Echee's last post?).

I am not criticizing Echee here, only the DM. They make it sound like something new just happened. It is very deceptive and not worthy of even commenting on.


AZzn said...

gosh... her bodyguard is stalking her.... ahahah come on Guardian, emma is not in danger, she ll never be, she is already an has been.

Anonymous said...

@guardian of truth

echee was also pointing out she does go out alone

read first before you comment

Anonymous said...

*she does not go out alone

my bad

Echee said...

"Ps: find an actual point against me and dont use that "stan" strawman you build up everytime you get caught"

How about I just call you a moron? =) Emma "stans" are the plague on the internet. I lose brain cells just interacting with them. Stupidest fan base ever.

Anonymous said...


her fans think you should obsess over every person she knows and is seen with like they do.

Anonymous said...

herwhinney twatson boohooinh again

Anonymous said...

She said at the Noah premiere after filming she walked around in her pajama's for weeks because she was so traumatized by filming